D-Link DUB-E130  Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

D-Link DUB-E130 Gigabit Ethernet Adapter

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A better connectionAdd Your Computer immediately wired gigabit connectivity. Connect the DUB-E130-adapter into a USB port of type C and you can use your router or network switch with the speed and reliability of a wired gigabit connection.Easy to operateThe DUB-E130 adapter is connected to the USB type-C port on your computer. Plug and Play ensures that no configuration settings are changed or software must be installed.The compact and robust design of the adapter allows you to insert it in your pocket or laptop case and bring your own.Energy-saving functionalityThe power supply of the adapter takes place directly via the USB-connection type C, so that no external power supply is needed.It includes USB 3.0 power saving features and additional energy-saving technology, in order to minimise the power consumption when the device is in neutral when the network traffic is low or when the ethernet cable is disconnected. Useful to the battery life too nice, so that you can work longer, without having to recharge your laptop.Wake-on-LANIf your computer has an Wake-On-LAN function is supported, the DUB-E130 Adapter can be used to restore your computer from the standby mode or via LAN on. If you want to access your computer remotely, you can use this function to access your files and programs to restore, while the computer in a low-power state, to save energy.This text is machine translated.