JX Deals had a humble beginning as a video game retailing company expanding to the e-commerce scene. Throughout these years we have made sure our humble beginnings would reach further, therefore we made the bold decision to expand our product vertical to electronics and appliances.

We offer the well known brands within our product range with attentive team of experts. With years of experience on e-commerce, you will be assured to receive expert customer service and information on our products.

We pride ourselves with being electronics enthusiasts just like our customers, therefore creating a synergy between our users and our team. Our team consists of e-commerce experts and product specialists, making the perfect group of individuals driving our company mission.

Now as a fully established e-commerce retailer selling a wide range of electronics, we are more than happy to provide an attending and helpful customer service alongside our efficient team, making sure that we leave our customers satisfied.



Contact Us:
Customer Support 24/7
Phone: +358 9 31582514
Address: JX Deals, Kivelänkatu 1, 00260, Helsinki, Finland
E-mail: support@jx-deals.com